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Michelle Stainton, Business Owner
What Andrea does with clients is wayyyyy beyond what she articulates. Business growth happens because of this woman. I didn't believe it was possible without burning out or trading in family values, but after working with these tools I grew exponentially in all facets of my life.
I was skeptical. I had tried other courses, coaches and 'business experts'. As an immigrant to Canada I'm a hard worker and have good work ethic but my business growth was not moving, despite the development training I tried. Working with Wealthy Woman Warrior™ changed everything. I finally understood the technology behind why I was not growing. I was supported to learn the essentials - and it was not hard like I thought. This was the best decision I could have made. This year has been profitable and I'm proud.
Romina Yazkovic, Business Owner
Issa Wallis, Business Owner
I wanted someone who integrated hardcore business strategy with soulful tools and coaching and found it here with Andrea and her team. I had been creating content relentlessly. Posting, blogging, creating Freebies, I had 12 different systems and multiple different programs and none of them were selling. I thought it was me. I believed that my content wasn't good enough and I started asking, "Who do I think I am to be doing this? I'm not Oprah." Andrea reviewed my content though, she made a couple of tweaks and then put her technology and data analysis to work. I had the automation systems, but nothing was working so her team updated that for me and... I made $7K in 33 days. Results are found here.
As a medical professional I see the implications of women trying to grow their business without the right tools and support. Working with Andrea and Wealthy Woman Warrior™ gave me the tools for leadership and business growth, while nurturing my mind and soul. I can't recommend this platform enough!
Dr. Delicia Haynes, Business Owner
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