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Become A Wealthy Woman Warrior™ 
Train Your Mindset For Success 
How you think dictates what you achieve...
Are you in your forties with children realizing there's so much more you have the potential to achieve, and so much more you want to model for your children? 

But do you find that each time you dig in and want to make your potential come to life you begin to doubt if there is enough time, money and energy for you to achieve what you really want?  

You see most women, just like you, are ready to own a confident version of self.  

The reason they are not is simply because  they haven't learned how to train the negative thoughts occurring repetitively in the privacy of their mind.  

Thoughts like, "This isn't going to work." "It's never enough", "I'm never enough", "I'm too tired", "I don't know how to make this work"

These are the thoughts that often follow right after a burst of inspiration...

So you'll go from bursting from the inside out with potential to feeling stuck because    there's no supporting system or structure for you to believe in what you're truly capable of.  

So you inevitably give up on the idea or dream and settle for what is having each year pile up and feel more and more frustrating and unfulfilled. 

But what if you had the structure and a system to train your thinking so that you could finally over-ride the doubts and fears and instead access exactly what you need to take your professional potential to the next level?
The Wealthy Woman Warrior™ Mindset For Success
Training System
To change your thoughts you have to learn how to change what you're saying to yourself.  

That's where confidence starts and why this program is what you need to finally have all aspects of your career, wealth and potential without feeling like you're giving up your personal life.

If you're motivated to transform your daily experience into a thriving evolution of growth and progress, you need to join today!

Step One
Imagine having the ability to focus on one thing at a time. You’re at your desk and you’re clear on what you need to do and effortlessly you’re moving through your to-do list like a superstar. 

All those things you’ve been carrying over day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month are literally getting done and you’re excited and happy because you finally feel successful.
Step Two

Imagine finally understanding the capacity you have and be able to harness it daily. 
What ripple effect would you be creating in your career and family?

Women are the gateway to true global change, harnessing your daily capacity empowers yourself and everyone in your circle.

Step Three
When you learn the tools in Power To Thrive™ you’ll activate your creative brain centres, increasing your energy and your personal ‘well of resilience’ so that you can quickly and easily tap into your strength, trust and confidence.  

When you use these tools, you’ll always have access to ‘your unique edge’ so you can find solutions…even in challenging environments.
A Few Other Tools To Help You On Your Journey...
Train your brain to create the pathways you need to receive the right messaging for confidence and opportunity. 
Free Bonus #1 ($297 value)
12 Specific Situational Experiences To Up-level Your Career
You're Just One Opportunity Away...
In these 12 Specific Situational Experiences you'll discover how to navigate your responses and decisions when life seems to be throwing all sorts of curve balls at you. Train your mind to create opportunities that are relevant to your situation.  Transform any obstacles into opportunities.
Free Bonus #2 ($497 value)
Your Private Training Call With Andrea Carter
Hop on a Private Training Call With Andrea 
Women need support systems in place to help them move forward. That's why you'll receive the opportunity to meet privately with Andrea for a 20 minute coaching call to walk through your current situation and assess your next best steps.
Free Bonus #3 ($197 value)
The Ultimate Mindset Checklist To Launch Your Career Forward
We'll give you the exact mindset checklist you can use daily to launch your career growth forward!  You'll finally have the tools you need so you can achieve your professional potential and grow your career!
Here Is Everything You Get In The Wealthy Woman Warrior™ 
Mindset Training System
When You Purchase Today
    Power To Thrive™  Mindset Training Course
($997 Value)
How To Launch Your Career Mindset Checklist
($197 Value)
14 Days of Gratitude Mindset Training
($297 Value)
12 Months of Live Mindset Q &A Calls
($197 Value)
Private Training Call With Andrea 
($497 Value)
Video & Audio Training To Listen Whenever & Wherever You Are
($497 Value)
Total Value: $2,185
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