Andrea Carter

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Learn The Affects on Men, Women and our economy 

When It Comes To The Gender Gap,
Normalizing Differences Is Crucial.

This Step Requires Learning & Understanding .  
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Are You Aware That This Problem Will Become a $3.74 Trillion Dollar Issue By 2026 Explore the Opportunity of Becoming Part Of The Solution!

What's A Missing Piece Of The Solution That's Been Overlooked Until Now?

Your Awareness & Understanding Of This Issue
Impacts Daily Workplace Actions & Initiatives
  • Download this must have study to understand an area that's been completely overlooked between the performance differences of men and women
  • Understand that you contribute daily to the gender gap as an individual and when perspectives are normalized, different action is taken
  • Learn exactly why confidence is a barrier and what you can do about it as a woman, man or leader, regardless of your current role or career
  • FINALLY understand why without this one factor that normalizes the differences, the gap will continue to exist and could even grow wider.

Meet The Author Andrea Carter, CEO & Founder of Wealthy Woman Warrior™

I am the founder and creator of Wealthy Woman Warrior™ a collaborative professional development training centre specializing in women.

Our goal is to empowering 1 million women to reach their potential by 2025 by providing the relevant training and development plans for executives and professionals.  

Our strong focus on women in male dominated industries has allowed our perspective to foster inclusion rather than further separation.

Since 2015 I've been researching, collaborating, and searching for instrumental tools to help make equality easy, actionable and scalable.  

I invite you to learn more about the findings we've collected so far.