Effective Communication Skills 
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Discover the secrets industry experts don't want you to know about the IMPORTANCE OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION to get ahead at work in this course.
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In this Amazing Course, We’ll Uncover.....

• How to confidently engage others – clearly say what you mean, even in emotional or high stakes situations
• The secret trick to curb your emotional triggers and eliminate the fear of conflict
• The best way to listen, ask questions, show understanding, engage, think critically and build trust to get ahead at work.

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Forget shying away, shutting down OR saying and doing things you later regret! With our online course you will FINALLY learn the skills to connect and feel visible, equal and understood. EVEN in conflict.
If you’ve ever felt like you couldn’t speak up, like you weren’t living your purpose, like you want MORE opportunities and LESS resistance, then it's time for Effective Communication Skills. The reason you aren’t getting what you want is because of how you communicate.

what if Communication Skills Could Get You Ahead At Work ?
Meet Kirsten & Kathy,
Founders, CEO'S
  • Author, Speaker, MA, Certified Executive Coach (PCC)
  • TEDx Trinity Bellwoods Women
  • SPEAKER; SoLS Leadership Conference ‘Leadership Communication’ panel
  • Opening Keynote, CAPWHN Conference
  • Co-Authors, "The Power oF Curiosity, How To Have Real Conversations That Create Collaboration, Innovation & Understanding
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